12 Examples of Good Linkedin Posts (That Generated Leads!)

This article will display you 12 buy linkedin followers    examples of top LinkedIn posts that our CEO, Alex Boyd, wrote that in reality LinkedIn sixteen, 2019 nine, 2021
This article became up to date in June 2021 to mirror updated exceptional practices. We’re staying on pinnacle of all things LinkedIn and social selling, so make certain to bookmark and check again frequently!

When you have a look at maximum examples of proper LinkedIn posts, you’ll locate content designed for massive manufacturers that already have large followings.

But what approximately LinkedIn put up examples for those people who don’t have a million followers already? Maybe only a few thousand.

Startups. Sales reps. Business owners. Founders. Marketing leaders. Recruiters.

What about while you want real, quantifiable leads from your LinkedIn presence, and you don’t have the advantage of a household call?

That’s our attention for this newsletter.

We don’t have a big following or a massive price range. If we make a submit on LinkedIn and it doesn’t generate leads, then we recognize we’ve made a mistake.

For context, as of March 2021, over 33% of our new business had been sourced from LinkedIn. And that ratio has remained remarkably steady via to today, as we scale.

Because RevenueZen works specially with early-degree organizations who are the usage of LinkedIn as a source of revenue, now not just some other place to expose off their logo, our focus is on techniques that result in revenue and leads.

A large quantity of innovation in B2B call for generation and marketing is developed by means of smaller, leaner, and scrappier marketers and agencies, before being adopted through greater conservative, slower-moving larger brands with plenty large budgets.

I’m now not sharing the Gary Vaynerchuk’s of the arena, with thousands and thousands of followers. These examples of desirable LinkedIn posts are for those who don’t have a massive following (and who need results). At RevenueZen, we’re all about lean strategies that anybody can run, now not simply the large manufacturers and personalities.

A few things to be aware of with those examples:

You don’t need massive engagement to generate leads.
You don’t want a huge following to be effective, as long as you are related with humans on your target marketplace
Just approximately all people in your enterprise can run this strategy, no longer just C-degrees or founders (including income reps and revenue leaders, just ask us how)
You’ll note none of these posts comprise hyperlinks, motion pictures, or pictures. That can paintings occasionally however outcomes come from becoming being authentic, no longer simply resharing rehashed content from somewhere else.
We use our CEO, Alex Boyd‘s personal LinkedIn posts as examples because we are able to verify that we’ve generated leads from them (and additionally to reveal which you don’t need to be massive to generate revenue on LinkedIn).
Throughout 2020 and 2021, the new LinkedIn algorithm started out worthwhile longer posts that maintain people on-page for longer, so maintain that in mind as you write.
Let’s dive into these 12 examples of true LinkedIn posts!

Good LinkedIn Post Example #1: Be Personal

In the sales and advertising international, the common advice is to avoid be too me-centric for your writing. It’s a lot better to speak approximately your potentialities and what they may be going via. Usually, this is remarkable advice.

And yet, this put up, which starts offevolved off 50% of sentences with “I” were given super engagement and caused several leads attaining out proactively to RevenueZen.


LinkedIn posts paintings high-quality whilst they are non-public. I commonly describe the excellent content as “professionally relevant personal content.”

People are on LinkedIn to do business, community with contemporary/future/beyond colleagues, proportion thoughts and ideas on their enterprise, and — most relevant to this article — research from leaders in their enterprise and network.

This “I”-centric submit works because human beings in Alex’s network observe and engage with him specially due to the fact they need to look what is occurring in the mind of the CEO and founder of an organization that enables startups with increase, income, and advertising.

Then, whilst humans interact along with his content material, the post is shared throughout their community.

Because his profile headline and content are optimized nicely, people see his proper content, see that his headline is relevant to what they do, click on his profile, after which touch RevenueZen (either by way of sending him an immediate message or coming to our website).

The takeaway: Be real with your content material. Let your profile do the promoting.

Good LinkedIn Post Example #2: Be Relevant

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